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Hi! I'm Nia. I'm 17 and a vegetarian. I love cooking, crazy workouts, reading and new experiences. Successfully lost 30lbs in 2012 and have been living a healthy lifestyle for 2 years now. Happiness is the journey :)

☆ I always answer my messages, but if you send me fan mail it'll take a bit longer to reply.
-I promote healthiness of the mind and body and a fit lifestyle.
-I try not to post them often but I tag any and all fitspo bod posts, feel free to blacklist them
-Currently training to run my first 5ks & marathons and for whatever else I decide to tackle this year
-If you have any suggestions for a new page please let me know!

twitter: @healthiestvibes

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Lunch @katherinerizos

For throwing a teensy hissy fit protest about not wanting to cook dinner (as if that’s anything new), this randomly thrown together salad is top notch. Spinach, cole slaw, carrots, raw cashews, edamame, avo, sprouts, topped with creamy magical shoyu dress by thebakingbird on Flickr.Add vegan cheese.

Meet Michael. This is my loving and amazing best friend, love, and partner in crime. Yesterday was our three year anniversary. He is the most trusting and loving person I know. Sometimes we are more best friends than lover. I love that. He is the first person I want to tell things to. He is the person I constantly ask for advice. He is the person that gives me hugs and kisses when I am down. Thank you for the most exciting adventure of my life. (: I can’t wait to travel, do yoga, meditate, and eat more vegan/raw food with you!


Tried out the smoothie bowl for the first time today - banana berry smoothie bowl topped with banana nut granola

2014.04.17Dinner: Banana cinnamon old fashioned oatmeal with blueberries, greek yogurt, and peanut butter.There was a Hazmat incident in our building…and turns out it was caused by my lab. No one is confessing and since I could’t do my planned experiment, I came home early and made oatmeal.

Strawberry + clementine infused water for hydration 🍓🍊🍓🍊